"The home should be the treasure chest of living" (Le Corbusier)

I went to visit a friend of mine and I thought that her stunning house deserved a little bit of attention.

We are in the centre of Italy, just a stone’s throw from Rome...it’s a warm, beautiful sunny day and Teresa is opening her door with a big smile. Her house is a collection of vintage pieces mixed with contemporary architecture. Bright, spacious and welcoming I feel like I am on holiday. I smell fresh flowers and the sun is pushing through the thick, external shutters. 

Did I mention that Teresa is an extremely creative chef and owner of a restaurant and hotel? Well, she is and everything she does is done to perfection. I asked Teresa a few questions. (panel on the right)

It has been lovely talking to Teresa and visiting her house again. I absolutely adore her style and the mixture of vintage and fine objects she has put together. Such a clever way to mix old and new.




When did you start your renovation?About 8 years ago.

It looks like you have finished it yesterday. How long did it take? About a year, because we extended from and out of the main hotel and above the cellars so the works were demanding. We encountered a few obstacles.

How did you develop this style? I grew up in Italy and I am surrounded by classic art and beauty continuously, so I guess I've developed a taste for classical and traditional design since I was a child.

Where did you get your inspiration? From my grandmother. She had simple items at home but they were made of great quality and most of them were handmade. I love finding old pieces and always do my best to preserve them.

What is the best part of the house? My walk-in wardrobe. I'm not sure how I have lived without it for so many years!

Did you hire an interior designer? I didn’t hire a designer but I had an architect working on the extension who suggested the colour scheme and part of the layout.


3 tips related to this topic

Tip one.

Do not underestimate the fun of hunting for characteristic objects. Many shops and markets can help your search. 

Tip two.

Furniture doesn’t need to match all the time. Try to mix furniture from different periods to create more dynamic combinations. 

Tip three.

Officially an antique is confirmed to be an object of 100 years of age or older. Before you buy antique pieces do some research and visit bookstores and museums. 


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