Planning a renovation

You have decided that your home needs renovation. It may be a new home where you want to make your own mark or the home where you have lived for many years. I know how anxiety rises when it comes to renovating, and when we're in the middle of it we can’t see the end. 

The most important element for you to remember is that renovation projects are also very exciting because you are creating the home you love. Be positive; nothing will go wrong if you plan thoroughly and on time.

The gallery below shows a wall panelling installation and the addition of a garden room, including some of the drawings. 


Get organised

RESEARCH – Look at other projects similar to the one you have in mind. Get inspiration from magazines and social media, read blogs and articles about renovation styles and start building your idea.

ASSESS THE POTENTIAL OF YOUR HOME – Extract every centimetre from your existing house. Consider converting the loft, altering the roof line, building a basement, conservatory or detached garden room. Create alcoves and hidden storage to maximise the key spaces.

DESIGN PROCESS AND CONSENTS – Designers can find the right solutions for your needs and envisage changes, saving you money and time with sensible decisions on layouts and avoiding unnecessary building works. Make sure you apply for consent at the earliest stage of your project; there is a way of applying retrospectively but you may be required to alter some of the works you have completed. 

BUDGETING – Always prepare a budget and add a contingency of at least 10%. Be as detailed as possible, including building works, contractors and application fees. For materials, furniture, appliances and other accessories split the budget room by room and keep budgeting throughout the project.

CONTRACTORS – Designers can help you built the right team but most importantly you need to make sure you find builders and contractors you are comfortable with; they will take over your house and you will need to trust them. Have clear plans for your project and ask for a minimum of three different quotes before making your decision.

TIMING – Prepare a timeline of works. With good project management, you can complete your renovation ahead of schedule. Include construction works, orders, deliveries, installation and completion stages. 

  Renovation diary

  1. Keep track of your ideas and thoughts.
  2. Set your goals and collect information to create a vision of your project.
  3. Assemble decorative ideas.
  4. Cut out and keep interesting examples, photos and articles.
  5. Make a list of things you can do yourself.
  6. Order samples (fabric, floors, carpets).
  7. Test your colour palette and buy paint samples.
  8. Take measurements of rooms and furniture.
  9. Take pictures of before, during and after.
  10. Ask feedback from friends, family and colleagues.

3 tips related to this topic

Tip one.

Don’t buy cheap materials; remember that you get what you pay for. Always do it the right way.

Tip two.

If you are doing a full house renovation go green. Not only it will benefit the environment but it will also be a smart investment. 

Tip three.

Use reclaimed, by-products, second-hand fittings and mix and match your style.


Planning a renovation - image gallery