Sharing a passion for design


Italian-born Silvana Fabbrini, the founder of Silvana Fabbrini Interior Design, talks about the inspiration behind the creation of her bespoke residential interior design service



Questions to Silvana

Tell us a bit about yourself – how did you start out in interior design? I worked previously as a political conference organiser, and although I enjoyed it I had always known I really wanted to be an interior designer. I’ve always been a creative person – and in my mind I’ve redesigned every house I’ve ever visited! One day, I made the decision – I wanted to make my dream job a reality.

Why interior design? It’s an amazing, creative experience, and something that fits naturally with my personality and abilities.

What influenced your passion for design? In Italy, I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by art, paintings, architectural features, villas, palazzos and many creative people. My mum was a tailor and she designed and made beautiful clothes for private clientele. I started helping her with designing clothes for her clients – so designing has always been something by which I’ve been surrounded. It seeped into me.

What’s your favourite part about your work? I like every step of the process, but the design concept is probably my favourite. It’s my journey to find the best solutions, mixing in my clients’ culture influences and ideas with my knowledge and skills. Every project, every client, every new challenge adds to my design ‘vocabulary’ and design passion.

From where do you gain inspiration? I find inspiration in everything and everyone. People are a great source of it – my family and clients often have great ideas. And I gather influences from different cultures, in my trips around Italy and around the world. I’m always open to new forms of expression, of seeing things in new ways, and I have a good visual memory for styles and forms.

What makes you stand out as a designer? I want interior design to be something that’s accessible and possible for everyone. I help people understand how the process works, so that they can apply my tips on how to create the right balance of colour, style and ideas in a room to any future project they might have. I create timeless designs that will adapt to difference life circumstances, as a family grows and a household changes. I’m constantly striving to make things better and I bring this to every project, whether it’s a full home renovation or a simple room makeover.

How would you describe your style? I really like classic details – geometric shapes, woods, colour palettes, textures and layering of the traditional style – but also enjoy working with crisp, modern lines. I always include elements of the contemporary style in my design. And it’s important to consider the functionality and clear spaces of the minimalist style. My style is a mixture of all of these! I like well-curated rooms; I consider the scale and movements of the space, and then take elements from each style to create the perfect look and blend, the best solution for each particular project and each unique client.  

What’s your favourite interior trend? I don’t follow trends.

Is there any design pitfall that we should avoid? Following trends! Trying to get ‘the magazine look’ by buying everything from one place or brand; you do that, and your home will look like a catalogue page and will lack originality. Don’t underestimate the value of having a plan for your home renovation or home improvements. When you’re selecting paint colours, always start at home – get colour swatches, look at them against your walls, buy samples of the colour(s) you like, test them out – and then purchase all the paint you need.

Which is better – functionality or attractiveness? For me, functionality – but with a good design, your home can feel and look functional and beautiful.



Silvana Fabbrini is an Italian interior designer based in London who has founded her own design firm Silvana Fabbrini Interior Design.

She started her career by renovating flats and houses in Italy and London. She is a qualified interior designer and learned the fine art of transforming a house into a home at the British Academy of Interior Design.

Silvana works with private clients in Italy and the UK and is known for her sophisticated use of materials, colours and strong shapes, and for her ability to create the right atmosphere for residential and commercial properties.

While keeping the clients’ needs and vision a priority, she inspires and introduces them to new opportunities and ideas, making renovations an enjoyable experience. She helps to increase the property value by enhancing spaces and architectural features, saving her clients precious time and giving them peace of mind by dealing with all the challenging situations that can arise during projects.

She describes her design as a harmonious combination of the traditional and contemporary styles, bringing together elegance and comfort with perfect practicality.

Silvana is based in Wimbledon but offers her bespoke service throughout Greater London and surrounding areas